I'm glad you've stopped by to see what a Pole Dancing Party is all about!

A Pole Dancing Party is a great way to celebrate a birthday, bachelorette party, or girls night out.  Pole Parties by Stacy is located in Maine, but please feel free to contact me for any New England location.

You and your guests will have a great time learning to pole dance and getting in touch with your sexy side!

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Pole Parties by Stacy

What exactly is an


Pole Dancing Party?

First of all...it's for EVERY WOMAN!! 

Every size, shape, or age!!

And no worries...Nothin' comes off but your shoes!

Pole Dancing is the hottest rage that is hitting the U.S.A.,  It has been seen too many shows to count!  Everything from E!, Ellen, King of Queens and even Martha Stewart has gotten on the Pole!

However, many women are shy about stepping into a gym or dance studio to try pole dancing for the first time.

So I've brought the magic of the experience into your living room to be shared in a FUN, positive, safe environment. You can come out and play, have FUN and feel very supported by your friends.

  1. I set up a pole in your home or venue of your choice

  2. You invite your friends

  3. I circle you and your friends in a “circle of friendship” or “empowerment” around the pole!

  4. I take the women through basic moves of pole dancing.  We start out with simple moves and build on the basics to fluid, beautiful, yet simple routines.

  5. At the end of the night, we have a grand finale when every woman gets to put on their own show for all her friends! Call it a… “Pole Dancing “karaoke”!” Yes! YOU pick your own music, props – EVERYTHING and away you go! 

The evening is totally about FUN! There is no “right” or “wrong” way to have FUN at a Pole Dancing Home Party! This is about letting the magic happen as each woman meets the pole! I facilitate the process through a well-orchestrated system that flows smoothly from start to finish so that every woman present, shy or gregarious has an empowering, FUN, supportive evening.

It's been discovered that many women have a secret longing to be more seductive, more sensual, more empowered and confident at a deep personal level that translates into every area of their life. The beauty of a Pole Dancing Home Party is that it promotes those feelings naturally while laughing, cheering, hooting and hollering in an amazingly supportive environment!

Try it – you’ll discover what thousands of women are excited about. This is more than just a 2 inch diameter piece of steel! A Pole Dancing Party is where FUN meets FANTASY. Pole Parties by Stacy brings a “whole new meaning to a girls night out”!

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